Im gonna be conditioning my body for a few weeks prior to my next and hopefully most successful cycle. I will do 30 min cardio in the morning. Just enough to no go into a catabolic state. Then I will be strength training. Full body 3 days a week for the first week then splitting it into different muscle groups per day the following. My diet will be 2,000 kcal per day. Am breakfast is 3 eggs, 4 oz fish and one bowl of oat meal. Snak in 2 hrs w shake. Sandwich lunch w fruit and nuts. whole grains at lunch will be my last intake of carbs.. Dinner will be meat and Veggies with zero carb protein shake.. I will be preparing my body for a higher intake of kcal in addition to heavier strength circuts higher carbs and if I can get my hands on any some AAS.. the calm before the storm. Jiu Jitsu will be in there for sure.. Cant wait to keep you posted!