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    Originally posted by Chooch View Post
    The politics in no BS. I have a very good friend that should have been pro years ago. Dude is currently 310lbs LEAN, won the overall at numerous shows, and I’m not gonna say how but he pissed someone up high off and never won again. He’s actually going to make a comeback this year for that pro card. Dude is such a freak he hasn’t competed in a few years and about three weeks still had MD contact him about doing a photo shoot with him. Politics is BS in this sport. On the other side of it everybody is really pretty cool. I’ve been at shows with a bunch of guest posers and they’re all super cool and easy to talk to. It’s definitely a cool experience man, you’ll regret not doing it but I guarantee you’ll never regret doing it.
    Totally agree with you on all points. I have met some really great people at these shows. I'd say most of them are so down to earth. Just really cool genuine people. Now some of the pros you
    meet will have their noses up in the air but the majority don't. The politics is a joke though. These guys get bought very easily. If you don't believe that the politics is an issue just look at phil heath and the rest of the guys that Hany Rambod coaches. I don't think its coincidental that all his competitors always win the Olympia. Phil is a beast but shouldn't be the reining champ 7 years in a row. Hany also has quite a few woman competitors who always win as well. Don't get me wrong his athletes look amazing especially Jeremy whom I knew since he did his very competition and competed in BB in stead of physique. He's come a very long way. Hany has done very well for him.


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      I'm also thinking about competing in physiqe also want to put on a little bit more weight. I'm tall so 10 lbs barely shows on me. Going to see where I'm at at the end of this year I've had a string of shit setting me back. Apendicitis had me down for 6 weeks. Etc.. put me back nearly a cycle worth of size. I think I'm in my head too much though.