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  • BB Contest Prep Question

    For those competing (BB not power), do you run your gear (ex. test p/tren a) all the way up to competition? Or do you drop any of it prior due to bloat, etc?

    I'm probably going to do a show this May and trying to lay out my prep plan. I've used primo with good leaning results. I thought about keeping it in the mix. Is it cool to add a little tren as well for the last 8 weeks?

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    Re: BB Contest Prep Question

    tren is usually always in the mix leading up to the show..some will cut out test & hgh a week or so before the show but leave in tren/mast..maybe orals winstrol/var...get estrogen low as possible also ..we have some current competitors here sohhopefully they will help here..Madmike & Brolic currently compete..maybe you can get some info from them
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    I use 18 gauge 1.5" pins in the taint, no PIP at all
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      I've always dropped injectables a weeks out. Kept all orals in until the day of the show.


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        Pretty much same here. Drop inj a week out and run orals up to. You do know this is like three years old right?? lol
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