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    Seems every time I open a fitness mag or visit a fitness website, they are promoting a new version of a protein powder, Creatine, aminos, etc. There is a NEW product trying to replace the one you've used for years. I'm open to using a better version of supplements, but which... Whey, ISO, Casein, Monohydrate, Micronized, Nitro... It's enough to make your head spin!!

    Does anyone have an opinion on the newer produxpr or are you like me and going basic.

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    Just the most basic, and ideally the least expensive (the point of these supp companies is to separate you from as much of your money as possible: my gym sells 2 lbs of whey for $50; I get the same product at CVS, with coupons, often for about $15). Avoid proprietary blends - that is, you want to know exactly how much of each ingredient is in the product. Basically, all you need is a good whey powder, creatine, glutamine, and - some will say - leucine, if I'm not persuaded that this is effective.


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      I can tell you creatine mono is cheaper and works just as well as all the other fancy versions. There have been a few studies showing this. Only reason to use something else would be if you get digestive distress from mono.
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        Thanks guys. I'm with you on this. I don't like spending more money than necessary on my supplements... unless there's a worthy upside.

        BTW, just read an article on a study of protein powders. They totally back you up War. In summary, it says go with the Whey protein.


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          I agree, I like minimal ingredients and don't like when they hide things in proprietary blends.

          I prefer the Naked company for supplements. You can get them on Amazon. They have "Naked Whey", "Naked Casein", "Naked Creatine". There are no preservatives, no colors, no flavors, and just one ingredient. Their Creatine is 200 servings for $18.
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            I keep a whey isolate, a casein, a meal replacement powder, a pre workout, creatine mono, bcaa, some vitamins and cluster dextrin. The pre workout I'm loving right now is called super human, it's a fully disclosed label and still has DMHA in it.