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  • Clean and Press routine

    I've always responded fairly well to full body routines in the past in which I go in there..hit it for about 30-45 minutes and get out... I'm an ectomorph and I also feel like my recovery is less than average...this routine seems to give me great loading and doesn't send me catabolic since im only in there the minimum amount of time....I have a simple bare bones routine reminiscent of bodybuilders from the very early days.. from my understanding it hits everything in the body .. that's my only concern..

    can someone verify that I'm hitting everything I need too?

    Clean and Press 5x5
    Cleans 5x5
    push ups

    *I'm doubling up on cleans to give the back and legs adequate work...and push ups will cover my chest since I'm thinking it only works as a secondary mover or stabilizer for the other lifts

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    What are your goals? I personally think that any comprehensive strength/ftness bodybuilding routine should at a minimum include the following exercises: bench, some sort of incline press, squat, shoulder press, deadlift, chins, barbell rows, dips, lying hamstring curls. A lot more in the way of isolation moves to focus on individual body parts, but those exercises are your foundation.


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      hey warren thx for your advice

      ive tried doing something like that in the past and while thats a common, highly advocated type of routine it always thrashed my cns and id find myself always obsessing too much over numbers on paper..assuming im makkng minimal progress since im increasing weight on a variety of different exercises and i always never felt truly happy with it either since id always feel like "well is my back too overdeveloped? my chest seems to be lagging a bit yet my dead/row/etc is increasing"

      it just seemed like more work than was really necessary when instead i can go in there and perform 1 single exercise along with a supplementary lift and hit every single muscle group in my body in 30 minutes and be finished for the next 2-3 days

      performing just c&p also allows me to really get a good workout on these smaller muscle groups too since by forgoing a bunch of shit i can REALLY load up the barbell and give maximal effort

      am i right then in my understanding that im hitting everything i need too?

      my goal is attain a body like reg park..well rounded..complete looking and natural


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        Can we see what u have developed so far with this routine? I am an ectomorph too. Are u using AAS? For how long if so?
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          For me, that type of training would make me strong, but even though I'm not a "bodybuilder" I use a bodybuilding style of training. High volume, isolation movements, focusing on peak contraction, and somewhere in the day i throw in something very heavy for whatever part of my body that I'm working. For instance on chest day, I'm doing a lot of flye movements at very high volume, and I will throw in three sets of incline presses using a lot of weight in order to keep my muscles dense even without a pump. What you are doing would not really allow for changing the proportion of my body. But if it works for you, hell yeah!