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  • Stretching

    Does anyone know of a better stretching routine than romwod for powerlifters or do y’all think that’s good.

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    There is nothing magical or secret in stretching...keep it simple.
    It’s very "American" to have a site that talk about the obvious (ROMWOD and similar) and ask money for the "routine"…stretching routine...Hahaha delicious... not critical just a constatation...general stretching routine are useless…
    If you not have any medical condition, there are two single main focus point.
    1) If you have a critical point, work on it. (ROM in squat?, hip in the squat? Shoulder pain in bench? Ect…)
    2) If you not have any critical point (you are lucky) do it after training to recover better and relieve muscle and joint worked.
    Obviously there are different positions to be taken, for each muscle that you want to lengthen but these, are easily available on the internet.
    Methods are another thing ...
    In brief general rules for static stretching:
    1. Do set of minimum of 60/90 seconds, more is better.
    2. Do not stretch if you feel pain. You must feel stretch but not pain, stop just a little before and then during the session try to extend the rom.
    3. Stretch after a session not before (only for PL, because you lose power) before a training session do just normal warm-up.
    4. Never bounce.

    For dynamic stretching, the active global stretching or Proprioceptive Neuromuscolar Facilitation stretching (I do not know if in English the translation it is ok), or others, the rules change, but it would become too broad a speech, and in the most case, are applied for people with medical condition o very scary cases.
    If you are interested, we can talk about it….
    I am a PL myself