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Mayweather vs McGregor

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    Maybe one day the uderdog will be victorious but dought it will be this time. Just gonna have to be a sucker and watch like everyone else. Lol
    Inspector Jacques Clouseau: "There is a time to laugh and a time not to laugh, and this is not one of them."

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      Originally posted by vx1 View Post
      Hey brother, mind if I come over to your place to watch the fight? We can split the PPV price.
      Actually, I'll probably just go down to one of the local sports bars to watch it on a big screen. They'll all be showing it, and it is funner to watch with a bunch of people, especially if half are drunk.
      -- VX
      Come on over brother. I usually have quite a fe guys watch the fight over at my house. I don't have a large projector screen like the bars usually do but I do have an 80" flat screen that looks fantastic.


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        I was just looking at Mayweather's stats, which are really very incredible. He lands half of the punches he throws -- 50%. This is very impressive, because most professional boxers only land a very small percentage of total punches thrown. For example, his opponents, who were the best elite pro boxers in the world, land less than 20% of their punches. Money has never been KO'ed and only knocked down a couple of times, one was actually a slip. No other boxer in the history of boxing has stats that compare to Mayweather's. This fight could turn out to be a lot more interesting than I originally thought. Money usually fights defensively, which can lead to boring fights. Fans were very disappointed about his match with Pacquiao, because after all the hype there wasn't much action. However, in an interview I recently saw, Money said that he is not going to fight defensively this time. He said he plans to go on the offensive right from the beginning. Of course, Conor doesn't even know what the word "defense" means, he is always full out on the offensive. When these guys get in the ring it may just be all out war. I have no doubt who will prevail in the end. I just hope it is not over too quickly.

        Although both fighters signed agreements to keep details about compensation confidential, in the same interview, Money said that win or lose, he'll be walking away from the fight with $350 million. That is a lot of cheddar for a single fight. (I'm not sure if that includes income from all of the spin-off marketing of apparel and such.) This could very well turn out to be a very interesting fight. Personally, I will enjoy seeing a brawler, like Conor get his ass kicked, by someone who has the technical skills of Mayweather. If, on the other hand, an unexpected upset occurs (very unlikely) that would be even better. Odds have come way down, to -550, half of what they were at the beginning of June, -1100; this is because the vast majority of money coming in is going on Conor. A lot of stupid people out there! However, one single bet was placed on Mayweather for nearly a million ($880,000). With odds like this, anyone would be a fool not to bet on Mayweather.
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